The Companions of the Holy Family

"And our mother nourish our family with your faith and your love keep us close to your son Jesus in all our sorrows and

joys Joseph foster father to Jesus guardian and spouse of Mary." 

The Community of Saint Brigid has entered in to a Covenant of Intercommunion with the Sister's of the Companions of the Holy Family, a Religious Community of Benedictine Nuns, to offer all genders access to Traditional and inclusive Monastic and Religious life.

The history of the Companions of the Holy Family:

"While the Companions of the Holy Family is a new Religious Order, we are rooted in the tradition of the Community of the Holy Family, founded in 1896 in the Church of England. The Community of the Holy Family was founded by its foundress, Mother Agnes Mason. The Community of the Holy Family was a teaching order, and the most scholarly one in the Church of England. Greek was required and Hebrew encouraged for the Profession so they could tutor in the Lambeth Degree they helped start so women could have degrees in theology. They were also part of the Oxford Movement, creating an openness between Catholicism and Anglicanism!

The Community of the Holy Family was dreamed up in an olive tree in Florence and started in Red Lion Square of the Pre-Raphaelites. They taught in India at Naini Tal, the Mother Foundress' brother teaching in South Africa, ordaining Black priests at Umtata's Bede College, in the tradition that would continue with Trevor Huddleston and Desmond Tutu against apartheid.


Sadly, in 2010, two of the Sisters in the Community of the Holy Family were caught in a Lesbian Relationship together. The Bishop of Chichester in England threw the Order out of the Church. Some of the Sisters went to the Roman Catholic Church.

In 2016, our Mother Superior studied under these Nuns. She took this knowledge, and being a huge champion of LGBTQ+ Rights and full inclusion in the Church, and with help of Convergent Christian Communion Leadership and a few other Sisters, helped form The Companions of the Holy Family!"


Eastern Catholic hymn's attributed to the Holy Family (Byzantine Calendar: Synaxis of the Most Holy Theotokos):


(Tone 2) "O Joseph, announce to God's ancestor, David, the good news of these wonders: you have seen a virgin giving birth; you have glorified the child with shepherds; you have worshipped him with wisemen; you were warned by an angel. Ask Christ God to save our souls."


(Tone 3) "Today David, beloved of God, is filled with joy; Joseph and James offer praise, for they rejoice at having received the crown of relationship with Christ. They sing to him who was born on earth in a manner beyond description and they cry out: O Merciful One, save those who honor you."