Our Jurisdiction

The Orthodox Community of Saint Brigid is under the Omophorion of our Eparch - His Beatitude, the Most Reverend Metropolitan JOHN GREGORY, and guidance of the Very Reverend Fr. BASIL - Archpriest of the Connexion of Saint John Chrysostom of the Convergent Catholic Communion.


We are a jurisdiction of churches and ministries that seeks to bring together the major historic streams of Christian tradition, unlike most Convergent Christians, an open, affirming, and grace-filled Communion believing that Christ’s love and ministry are open to all - regardless of anyone’s denominational background, political party, class, race, gender, sexual orientation, or age.

Sibling Parishes:

The Connexion of Saint John Chrysostom is a non-geographical Eparchy of Eastern Christian parishes within the Convergent Catholic Communion:

In Bowling Green, KY area:

Saint Thekla Orthodox Church

The Very Reverend Fr. BASIL Miller

In The Colony, Texas:

Prodigal Son Eastern Catholic Church

The Reverend Fr. Iákovos Athanásios

In the Baltimore-DC metro area:

The Mustard Seed Eastern Catholic Church

The Reverend Deacon Maxim Davi Hayes