About Our Communion 


The Orthodox Catholic Monastic Community of Saint Brigid is under the Omophorion of our Eparch - His Beatitude, the Most Reverend Metropolitan JOHN GREGORY, and guidance of the Very Reverend Fr. BASIL - Archpriest of the Eparchy of Saint John Chrysostom.


Our Eparch - His Beatitude Metropolitan JOHN GREGORY,
Fr. Iákovos Athanásios, Hierodeacon Maximus Christopher,
Khourio Brother Uriel Patrick-Joan, Protos

Sibling Parishes:

The Eparchy of Saint John Chrysostom is a Connexion of Eastern Catholic Orthodox parishes within the Convergent Catholic Communion:

In the Bowling Green, KY area:

Saint Thekla Orthodox Church

The Very Reverend Fr. BASIL Miller

In the Dallas-Fort Worth area:

Prodigal Son Eastern Catholic Church

The Reverend Fr. Iákovos Athanásios

In the Baltimore-DC metro area:

The Mustard Seed Eastern Catholic Church

The Reverend Reader Maxim Davi Hayes

Our Jurisdiction

We are a Monastic Community of the Convergent Catholic Communiona jurisdiction of churches and ministries that seeks to bring together the major historic streams of Christian tradition, unlike most Convergent Christians, an open, affirming, and grace-filled Communion believing that Christ’s love and ministry are open to all - regardless of anyone’s denominational background, political party, class, race, gender, sexual orientation, or age.