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About Our Community

As Monastics, our ministry is crafted to meet the spiritual needs of Orthodox Catholic Christians seeking an all-embracing, traditionally inclusive monastic community deeply rooted in the Orthodox monastic tradition.


Our unwavering commitment is to uphold Byzantine Monastic traditions of faith and liturgy, tracing our practices back to the pre-schism era. Embracing monastic lifestyles as a dispersed new monastic community, we cherish tradition in rituals, degrees, and deeply held beliefs. Our inclusion-inspired theology fosters an atmosphere of acceptance and unity.


Which Religious Order do you belong to?

The Orthodox Community of Saint Brigid operates as an eparchial monastic community. While not mandating membership within a jurisdiction, we ask members to actively engage with a local congregation or sacramental jurisdiction supporting their participation, ensuring a holistic spiritual journey. The Abbot manages internal affairs, while the Eparchial Bishop safeguards, adhering to Canon Law governing the Monastic Community.


Following Eastern Tradition, we follow a Typikon - our Codes and Canons. We follow the Prayer Rule of the Desert by Pachomius the Great, with allow Monastics the opportunity to follow an additional Charism of their choosing.


What is Byzantine all about?

Byzantine originates from Constantine the Great's actions, dividing the Roman Empire. Constantinople became the center of Christian worship and spirituality in the Orthodox Catholic Church. Reflecting the language of the New Testament, "Byzantine" describes cultural and religious aspects in this historical context.


Do you adhere to the Orthodox faith?

Certainly! We follow the Orthodox tradition in liturgy, spirituality, and theology. As an Orthodox Catholic Monastic Community, we embody timeless ideals and virtues of the Eastern Christian Church. Intentionally, we've formed a dispersed community united by our mission to live out the teachings of "Loving Thy Neighbor" and spread the Good News.

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