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About us


Our monastic community encompasses all the ideals and qualities of the Eastern Orthodox Church. Being an intentionally formed dispersed community following the examples of Loving Thy Neighbor, it is our mission to proclaim the Good News at all times and offer up ourselves in sacrifice to the world for the good of the people we serve Orthodox, Catholic, Christian, and non-believers alike.


Monks, Nuns, and Beloveds. Having entered into an a Covenant of Intercommunion with the Companions of the Holy Family, this partnership ultimately give both Communities the ability to offer an inclusive, and Traditional, monastic experience for all gender identities. With the leadership of both Communities presenting in their preferred gender-identity, this gives the monastic the ability of choice in either a masculine or feminine presenting Superior while maintaining the Traditional monastic habit being nonbinary in nature.

Our ministry focus is Eastern Orthodox and Byzantine Catholics individuals seeking a welcoming and affirming Monastic Community that brings all of God’s beloveds into the fullness of Eastern liturgical worship. 


There is no requirement to be a member within the jurisdictional Communion of this Community, but our members must seek, or be active participants in a local congregation, or a sacramental jurisdiction that will bless their participation within this Community.


Who We Are

As the Orthodox Community of Saint Brigid, we are a dispersed, traditional and inclusive Eastern monastic community.


We adhere to proto-orthodoxy in our tradition, faith, and liturgy.

We are traditional in our rituals, degrees, and beliefs, while living dispersed lives, supporting our local congregations.


The Tenets


The Tenets of our monastic community are the vows professed:

  • Simplicity

  • Obedience

  • Transformation of Life

  • Charity

  • Respect

  • Enlightenment

Our Rules


Eastern Christian Monasticism does not have religious orders, nor does Eastern monasticism have monastic Rules as in the West, though as an inclusive monastic community, we do follow a way of life, our Typikon, based off the Tenets of our Community. 

Degree Houses

  • Inquirer - a person with an interest in the Community.


  • Postulant- meaning "one under obedience", 


  • Rassophore/ Novice - meaning "Robe-bearer"

  • Stavrophore/ Life Professed- meaning "Cross-bearer"


  • Great Schema/ Perpetual Professed​

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