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About Eastern Monasticism?​

What is our application process?​​

Our application process begins with filling out the contact us form and initiating a discussion about your interest in your monastic calling and discernment with a member of our Vocations Team. Any individual who identifies as an Eastern Christian or possesses an Eastern theological understanding, and is in good standing within their community, whether they are a layperson or ordained, married or single, and aged 21 years or older, is eligible to consider becoming a monastic of the Orthodox Community of Saint Brigid. After a period of study and reflection, you decide to move forward, you will enter the Application Process as an Inquirer.

Background Check Verification: As part of the application process, all candidates are required to complete a background check, including the US Department of Justice Sexual Offender Registry, through our jurisdiction’s verification process. Candidates will not be considered until this item is completed.

Once your application is submitted and reviewed, and approved, you will be welcomed into the Postulancy during the next assembly gathering of our Community, or as decided by the Abbot and Vocations Team.

We accept applications to join the Monastic Community only from those who have been first vetted as an Inquirer. There is a $120 contribution to go towards for administrative costs of the new Monastic, and scholarships may be available.

Thanks for submitting!

Snail Mail to the Monastery: Orthodox Community of Saint Brigid - 10700 85th Ave, #2592, Peoria, AZ 85380

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