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Welcome to an

Eastern Monasticism


About Our Community

Welcome to the Orthodox Community of Saint Brigid, a sanctuary of spiritual devotion and inclusivity. Nestled within the rich tapestry of the Eastern Christian tradition, we honor the legacy of Saint Brigid as our patron, embracing her spirit of compassion and enlightenment.

As a Monastic Community, we tread the path of ancient mysticism and monastic tradition, cherishing these timeless gifts bestowed upon the Church by the divine. Our commitment to the Byzantine tradition echoes the practices of the early Church, fostering a connection to our spiritual heritage.

At our core lies an ethos of inclusivity, where all are welcomed with open arms and embraced without reservation. Our theological framework is a reflection of this ethos, drawing inspiration from the profound wisdom of Eastern and early Christian monasticism.

Join us as we journey together in pursuit of spiritual growth, Theosis, and enlightenment, guided by the teachings of ancient Desert Mothers and Fathers and the enduring traditions of our faith

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Make a Donation

As a budding church, we rely on the generosity of the faithful to help further our mission.  If you are in a position to help us do good work in the community and want to contribute to our efforts, your offering is graciously appreciated. 

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